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With more than half a century of combined team experience in creating opportunities and overcoming challenges for owners, investors and developers IHAS optimizes the broad spectrum of issues related to Hospitality industry.

Our senior management team, have the inherent ability to grasp the business and leisure climate of any market or asset, driving top-line revenues in all segments to achieve optimum profitability.

We understand Hotels with complex operations and multiple revenue streams and we have significant experience in managing these assets with a shared focus on guest service, profitability and return to investors.

Our Associates

In IHAS we join our forces with well-established associates, serving the most demanding business needs. Together we design and develop various hospitality projects in local and international markets, optimising performance and creating value for our clients.

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Hotel Development - Consulting Services

Hotel Development

Our management team have participated successfully in Property Improvement Plan related projects, renovations and conversion constructions amounting more than EUR 300 million over the past 15 years on the Balkans and in Turkey and have gained significant experience cooperating with the biggest Developers, Hotel Owners and Banks in a wide geographic region.

Asset Management

Asset management

IHAS offers hotel planning, technical services, construction and design consulting for owners and developers. Our team have extensive experience facilitating an owner's organization retention and supervision of third-party property management firms, or, acting directly as property manager.

This includes solicitation of proposals to manage, negotiation of management contract terms, supervision of property manager activities, capital and FF&E review and approvals, banking procedures, and property-level tenant leases, service contracts, and other vendor relationships.

  • Review and analysis of the operation's Forecasts and Annual Budget with appropriate recommended adjustments.
  • Review of all pricing policies and revenue centres, with recommendations regarding new or additional revenue opportunities.
  • Review, analysis, and recommendations regarding strategic capital planning, as well as analysis and approval of capital funding requests.
  • Review and analysis of leases, licenses, insurance and other operating agreements.
  • Monitor overall operation’s performance and provide recommendations for operational and guest experience improvement.
  • Monitor hospitality trends, market trends, and franchise initiatives that have the potential to materially affect the asset.
  • Periodic meetings and reporting to the ownership.

Asset Development

Asset Development

IHAS optimizes the broad spectrum of issues related to Development. Acting as Managers or Owner’s Representative we can provide “hands on” approach services on those myriad details needed for a project to be completed on budget and on time.

We have been involved as lead negotiator, or, in appropriate support roles as designated by clients, in numerous entitlement and permitting matters, including permit processing, plan reviews, land dedications for public facilities, development agreement preparation, sewer and water agreements, public-private road construction, public lands ground lease agreements, and numerous other forms of zoning and entitlement agreements.

Acting as Owner’s representative we can facilitate value-engineering and alternative approaches that may be outside the straight-forward agendas and expertise of general contractors and other vendors.

  • Site Validation
  • Pre-design budgeting
  • Design specs and drawing review
  • Purchase order placement and reporting
  • Shipment monitoring & expediting

IHAS has also extensive experience working with distressed assets. We understand a hotel is much more of an operating business than other types of commercial real estate and we specialize in creating and enhancing the value of each property for ownership. Our experience in hotel operations, enables us to provide efficient and effective Hotel services to ensure that troubled assets are prudently preserved and operating in a cost effective manner during this critical phase.

As Manager, our goal is to ensure each Hotel operates at its full investment potential. IHAS's experience and flexibility allow us to quickly engage a “task force” team to takeover a Hotel and begin the process of stabilization and reorganization.

The firm also supports strategic reviews of non-performing businesses, providing input for correctives measures, negotiations terminations and other settlements.


IHAS is engaged in a variety of consulting and advisory assignments, providing the hospitality expertise necessary to assist owners, investors and lenders in making critical decisions regarding their assets. It is a primary objective for IHAS International to provide a customized level of service to its clients in order to satisfy their individual needs. Upon identification of clients needs, a tailored plan is prepared and executed.

IHAS International acts as project management consultant and owner’s project representative for design, leasing, and construction. From the point of initial concept, through development and/or fabrication, to the point that operations or asset management begins. As project management consultants we are experienced with many types of real estate product, as well as specialized management of creative conception, licensing, and other specialized programs.

Consulting and Advisory Services

Consulting and Advisory Services
  • Operational and Staff overview and evaluations
  • Sales and Marketing audits and recommendations
  • Capital improvement planning and budgeting
  • Operational Budget oversight and guidance
  • Franchisor contract negotiation

Consulting services
  • Market evaluations and overview
  • Property tax & insurance review
  • Fund level strategic planning
  • Internal opinions of value and disposition strategies
  • Feasibility studies and project development analysis

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